Free and Reduced Fee Telehealth Services

We know this is a stressful time for everyone. To help ease the worry and to offer support, we are offering daily, free ‘on-line’ support groups to the community. Our hope is to provide connection, and to reduce the isolation that can be felt with social distancing. Sessions will meet each week, at the specified times, until life returns to a more familiar rhythm.

Registration is required. Participants can join before or after the start date.

*’Tween’ Mindfulness with Art Support Group – ages 11-13 – Mondays 4 – 4:45 PM

Participants ages 11-13 will utilize art and mindfulness techniques to manage stress, socialize, share their worries and connect with new friends.

Currently Full. Register for waiting list.



*Teen Talk Space Support Group – ages 14-18 – Tuesdays 2 – 2:45 PM

Teens will meet to socialize and chat about life, manage their current ‘new normal,’ share their fears, and help overcome feelings of isolation.




*College Student Mindfulness Support Group Fridays 2 – 2:45 PM

College students will chat and use mindfulness techniques to help them navigate being away from college friends, transitioning back to family life, and dealing with uncertainty about the future.




*Adult Talk Space Support Group – ages 21+ – Wednesdays 6 – 6:45 PM

Adults can converse with each other about life, family and work concerns, new fears, and adjusting to the current rhythm of life.




*Parent Talk Support Group – Time TBD

Parents will meet to share ideas for how to manage life at home, express frustrations and worries, navigate child behavioral difficulties, gather ideas for how to talk to kids about the current challenges, and handle their own emotions.




*Facebook Well-being Book Club – Ongoing

Interested in a free on-line book club based in well-being? Our life coach, Dr. Stefanie Bloom, is hosting one on Facebook. This will be another great way to reduce isolation during social distancing. You can join in, and add to the discussion at any time, once you register.


We are also offering the following reduced fee services:

Tween Art Therapy and Mindfulness On-line Group- Tuesdays 4:00-4:45pm Participants ages 11-13 will use art therapy and mindfulness techniques to help increase emotional expression, decrease stress and strengthen resilience in a supportive group setting. Sliding Scale Fee.

Student Success Telecoaching Dr. Stefanie Bloom, is offering a package of three 20-minute TeleSupport Coaching sessions at a reduced rate of $35 per session. Dr. Bloom will help students maintain and achieve their academic potential while transitioning to online education. Dr. Bloom will provide positive learning strategies, advice for tackling online assignments, and overall mentorship for students navigating school and maintaining their wellbeing.

Weekday Mindfulness Walking Group Coaching Do you need motivation to exercise and get outside? Would you like to learn Mindfulness strategies? Our life coach, Dr. Stefanie Bloom, is offering a drop-in group Monday-Friday at 9 AM. Each session will cost $15. The group will stay connected on-line through their phones as they walk and talk. Each day will be themed with meditation and mindfulness techniques. Those who register for a full week will also receive a private 20-minute coaching session with Stefanie.

Individual Telehealth Support Coaching Our psychotherapists and life coach are offering packages of three 20-minute Telehealth Support coaching sessions for individuals of all ages, in any location. Each 20-minute session will be available at a reduced rate of $50-$75, depending on the need and provider.

Parenting Telehealth Support Coaching SOAR director, Dr. Jaclyn Halpern, is offering a package of three 20-minute Telehealth Parenting Support coaching sessions at a reduced rate of $75 per session. Dr. Halpern will help provide positive parenting strategies, advice for talking to children during these difficult times, ways to engage in self-care, ideas for navigating school and work at home, tools for creating schedules and structure, and other topics parents might need (e.g., how much screen time is appropriate?).

Extended sessions and packages are available upon request for coaching clients and MD/VA residents who would like to become patients of WBMA, LLC & The SOAR Program. Reduced rates/sliding scale may be available while we are social distancing.

Along with these free and reduced-fee services, we will be offering our regular therapy services via Telehealth.

Register at

We can also be reached at: 301.576.6044

For each support group, one of our clinicians will be available to guide, lead, and moderate. Please keep in mind that these groups are not intended as group therapy. Those who register are doing so as participants, not as patients.

HIPAA compliant online meeting space will be provided for security during support groups. While we will ask that group members respect privacy, it cannot be guaranteed. There is no time commitment for these groups. Sign-in briefly, or stay for the duration. Attend once, or every week, until social distancing is lifted, and life returns to a more familiar routine.