We take a careful look at what is going on at the beginning of our work together. We use interpersonal assessments such as clinical interviewing that includes questionnaires and scales to aid our characterization of symptoms, severity, and to measure progress. At every stage of our work together, we are collecting information on our patients’ progress.
Our patient’s history is critical for a successful treatment. Understanding their medical and pharmacological history and how medication impacts their overall well being is an important first step. We design a treatment strategy that includes this information and makes adjustments for each particular patient in a highly customized and informed way.
Quantitative Medicine
By integrating genetic testing and other lab work testing, we are able to make better decisions on medication choices and dosing. We don’t just prescribe medication, we create a treatment strategy that integrates the 5 Keys to Mental Health: Nutrition/ Food Supplements , Medicine, Sleep, Exercise, Healthy Habits.

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