If you find yourself, your child, or your family struggling, the first thing you need is someone to listen and understand. Our psychologists and psychotherapists create an empathic environment to provide therapy for children, adolescents, and adults, including individual therapy, group therapy, parent coaching, couples therapy, and family therapy. Our compassionate providers utilize a variety of evidence-based modalities, individualized for every patient. Supportive, personalized therapy is provided within the context of a carefully matched, strong therapeutic relationship with one of our highly trained clinicians. Our clinicians collaborate not only with WBMA’s psychiatrists, but also with caregivers, other medical/mental health providers, and community members (e.g., teachers) to ensure comprehensive treatment and support (with consent of course). We welcome those interested in care based in expressive therapies, such as art, drama, and music, as well. Telehealth services are available in some circumstances, including for parent coaching. We serve most mental health needs, and provide referrals when we are not an appropriate match.

Please feel free to click on any of the applicable links below for more detailed descriptions of our therapies. If you are not sure whether therapy is the answer, please call us. We’ll meet for intake, or for a ‘next steps’ consultation based on our preliminary discussion, to help you determine the best way to move forward

Individual Therapy: Children (Ages 2-11) 
Individual Therapy: Adolescents/Teens (Age 12-18+)
Individual Therapy: Adults

Art Therapy

Family Therapy

Couples Therapy

Group Therapy

Parent Coaching



Teletherapy Groups

*We are accepting patients for the following groups with Jaclyn Halpern, Psy.D.:

Monday, 4:30 PM – 4th/5th grade boys and girls (regulating emotions, handling school stress, social skills/relationships)

Monday, 5:30 PM – 4th/5th grade girls (managing anxiety, anger, social skills)

Wednesday, 2:00 PM – Preschool group (emotional regulation and social skills)

*We are accepting patients for adolescent and adult LGBTQ+ groups (days/times TBD) with Jeanni Jensen, MA, LCPC
*We are accepting patients for art therapy groups with Anna L. Mills, MA, ATR-BC, LCPAT:

Calming the Inner Critic – Wednesday 5:30 PM-6:30 PM

In this series of sessions you will use art therapy to explore negative beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your potential. You will use specific art themes and tools to uncover your strengths, identify and tame your “Inner Critic”, and increase affirming self-talk. This group is for adults 18 and over who want to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and dissolve self defeating thoughts through an improved sense of self.

This group session is 1x week for 4 weeks/ 1 month duration for complete series. Group session for adults 18 and over. Pre-registration is required. Supplies are provided.  

Open Studio- Altered Art Books, Saturday 3:00 PM-4:30 PM

What is an Altered Book? It is an art-journal created by transforming an existing old or recycled book into your own personal visual diary. Pages are painted, collaged, layered and created to re-write your own story or dedicate to a theme- such as your life journey. Participants will be able to increase their creativity, express feelings safely, explore life issues and strengthen their sense of self.  

This group session meets regularly 1x week. Registration is required for first session. After first session drop-in is available, space is limited. Group session for adults 18 and over.

Bring your own book to transform. All other art materials are provided.

Mindfulness and Art – Cultivating Peace Within, Saturday 11:00 AM-12:00 PM

This group session will use Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques and art making to reduce stress and anxiety. Participants will learn calming breathing techniques and will participate in guided relaxation to release stress. They will use art media including drawing, painting and collage to release stress from the body and to channel feelings for an increased sense of focus and calm.

This group session is 1x week for 4 weeks/ 1 month duration for complete series. Group session for adults 18 and over. Pre-registration is required. Supplies are provided.  


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