Story Time with Dr. Jac!

Story Time with Dr. Jac!


”Dr. Jac”  is the Director & a Psychologist for The SOAR Program for Psychotherapy & Testing at WBMA, LLC in Chevy Chase, MD.

Dr. Jac reads books to children to teach emotional recognition, emotional understanding, social cues, and social skills. Sometimes Dr. Jac shares her interpretations, and other times she asks the children to look, notice, and decide for themselves. Dr. Jac may even revisit the same story a few times, once to ask questions, and then to share observations. If you have the book Dr. Jac is reading, try looking at it even closer. Also, feel free to pause the story to discuss Dr. Jac’s questions and your children’s observations. Dr. Jac tries to keep the pace moving, but she knows your children may need more time to consider and respond. Thanks for visiting! Story ideas and feedback are welcome.  

Video Library

Dr. Jac reads Gaston

Dr. Jac reads In My Heart

Dr. Jac reads Where the Wild Things Are

Dr. Jac reads When I Miss You

Dr. Jac reads I’m Not Just a Scribble

Dr. Jac reads Little Excavator


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