Welcome to Research In Plain English

Welcome to Research In Plain English

The objective of Research In Plain English is to provide an unbiased review of recent biomedical research publications in the areas of psychopharmacology, psychiatry, child psychiatry, intellectual disabilities, autism and genetic disorders.

I will pick articles that are of interest to me but I am open to requests and suggestions. Feel free to contact me with leads, but please provide the full article. Due to time and other constraints I may not be able to review the proposed work.

Comments will be focused, primarily, on peer-reviewed publications (see post on peer review). From time to time I may have invited reviewers contribute to the blog.

I hope to contribute to people’s understanding on biomedical research and to clarify exaggerated or unfounded claims so that consumers can make educated decisions before accepting unproven treatments.

Thank you for reading.

Gonzalo Laje, MD, MHSc, FAPA